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21 en-US/tts/123/en__09d2243d-a7bf-1.wav 27.20kB
22 en-US/tts/123/en__09d2243d-c923-1.wav 41.38kB
23 en-US/tts/123/en__d664e1f4-a665-1.wav 28.04kB
24 en-US/tts/123/en_ask_0c7b6c3f-b8c2-1.wav 13.81kB
25 en-US/tts/123/en_dasdasd dsadsada dsadasd_09d2243d-00bf-1.wav 44.87kB
26 en-US/tts/123/en_dasdasd dsadsada dsadasd_09d2243d-375d-1.wav 45.97kB
27 en-US/tts/123/en_dasdasd dsadsada dsadasd_09d2243d-c5d9-1.wav 37.42kB
28 en-US/tts/123/en_dasdasd dsadsada dsadasd_09d2243d-d79a-1.wav 42.79kB
29 en-US/tts/123/en_fdsaf asdf fds dsada dasda_09d2243d-d5b7-1.wav 123.14kB
30 en-US/tts/123/en_fdsaf safsa fsdafsaf fasdf fds asdf_09d2243d-b04e-1.wav 119.98kB
31 en-US/tts/123/en_fdsaf safsa fsdafsaf fasdf asdf_09d2243d-0751-1.wav 55.96kB
32 en-US/tts/123/en_tell_bee5f4bc-532e-1.wav 14.25kB
33 en-US/tts/123/en_test1 12312321 123_5fa197b2-4fe3-1.wav 80.28kB
34 en-US/tts/123/en_test1 fdsfds fdsf dsf_eb8ab8e3-26ea-1.wav 19.22kB
35 en-US/tts/123/en_test1 fdsfds fdsf dsf_eb8ab8e3-faff-1.wav 21.58kB
36 en-US/tts/123/en_test1_09d2243d-6030-1.wav 26.37kB
37 en-US/tts/123/en_test1_34c9b932-1b4f-1.wav 29.39kB
38 en-US/tts/123/en_test1_eb8ab8e3-32aa-1.wav 17.74kB
39 en-US/tts/123/en_test_61468a25-6030-1.wav 26.37kB
40 en-US/tts/123/en_test_b84c2388-1b4f-1.wav 25.90kB

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