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1 | $14mn funding provided for development of high yielding C4 rice.pdf 193.01kB
2 | 308,000 metric tons of rice wasted in 2010.pdf 465.09kB
3 | 4 lakh pumps run dry.pdf 874.09kB
4 | 50 years of IRRI and threat of Golden Rice.pdf 150.79kB
5 | A Bleak Report on the Global Food System.pdf 0.99MB
6 | A Search for Regulators and a Road Map...ver GM Crops to Third World Farmers.pdf 129.17kB
7 | A health check on rice - how healthy is it.pdf 1.34MB
8 | A miracle rice could save millions of lives 752.14kB
9 | A new project for boosting agricultural products.pdf 1.22MB
10 | A scientist prepares to scan a root in...arch Institute in Los Banos, Laguna.pdf 281.48kB
11 | AP hopeful of IRRI facility in state.pdf 117.33kB
12 | ASEM forum on food security opens in HCM City.pdf 97.34kB
13 | ASEM forum seeks solutions to food security.pdf 157.75kB
14 | ASIA Water scarcity adds to food pressures.pdf 417.71kB
15 | AWD irrigation system saves Tk 5000 in paddy cultivation on one hectare 598.17kB
16 | AWD irrigation system saves Tk 5000 in paddy cultivation on one hectare.pdf 598.17kB
17 | Action needed to boost world’s rice supply.pdf 444.02kB
18 | Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change.pdf 276.88kB
19 | Adapting agriculture to climate endangered crop wild relatives.pdf 97.20kB
20 | Africa rice varieties get elite status.pdf 63.89kB

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